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Healthcare Law & Advocacy

  • Senior Safe Act: What You Need to Know It’s estimated that older adults are the victims of between $3-35 billion dollars in fraud each year. It’s hard to know for certain because of how much goes unreported. But as we get older, we become more trusting. We’re also prone to lapses in memory and other cognitive ... Continue Reading
  • Medicare Forms, Claims, and Appeals Future and current beneficiaries with Medicare health insurance should be familiar with the many Medicare forms. Enrolling in Part A and understanding how to make appeals and file claims is something all beneficiaries should know. Once you find the form, filling it out is ... Continue Reading
  • A Complete Guide to Medicare in 2020 Everyone knows change is constant with Medicare. It comes as no surprise that the year 2020 is bringing new policy changes that impact all current and future Medicare beneficiaries. It’s important to keep members in the loop when Medicare makes changes. The new year and new ... Continue Reading
  • Famous People With Alzheimer’s: Raising Awareness & Advocacy Celebrities with Alzheimer’s have taken significant steps in raising awareness, from charities to story-sharing. We rounded up famous faces who battled Alzheimer’s and their advocates. Famous People with Alzheimer’s Famous people who have had Alzheimer’s raised awareness ... Continue Reading
  • The Difference Between Durable and General Power of Attorney You might be trying to help an aging parent manage their finances. You might want their wishes to be respected if they become incapacitated from illness. In either case, the document you need is called a power of attorney. It allows you to name an agent who can make ... Continue Reading
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