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  • Advocacy for LGBT Seniors As members of the LGBT community age, fear and anxiety take over the men and women who have pioneered for equality. Some of these trailblazers even find themselves forced back into the closet in the later years of their lives. How do the concerns of aging affect LGBT seniors ... Continue Reading
  • How to Get Guardianship of an Elderly Parent There are many reasons you may need to take guardianship of an elderly parent. If your elderly parent has a cognitive disorder or serious health issues they cannot manage on their own, guardianship may be the best option. Guardianship over an elderly parent is a fairly ... Continue Reading
  • FMLA to Care for Elderly Parents? As our parents and loved ones grow older, they often need more care. This could mean more care than you can provide in the evenings and weekends when you are not working. If this is the case, but you aren’t ready to look into nursing home facilities or bringing outside help ... Continue Reading
  • Laws Against Taking Advantage of the Elderly Do you feel you have been challenged to the limit since the beginning of 2020? When we turn on our TV’s, we are overwhelmed with news about everything from politics to economics to continuous coverage of COVID-19 and all the controversies these news stories provoke. Yes, we ... Continue Reading
  • What is a Silver Alert? We hope you never have to file a missing person report, but if you are in a situation that warrants one, it is important to understand the type of report you need to file, and the information you must provide to create active silver alerts. A missing person report is ... Continue Reading
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