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Heart Health

  • Risks of Angioplasty for Elderly Patients Is Angioplasty Dangerous? Angioplasty, also known as balloon angioplasty, is a procedure used to widen arteries or veins of the heart that have become obstructed. The surgery restores blood flow to the heart and is minimally invasive. Though it is one of the most common ... Continue Reading
  • Chemical Stress Test for Elderly Hearts A chemical stress test is used to determine whether or not the heart is getting enough blood flow during exercise. Regular stress tests are generally done on a treadmill. The patient walks on the treadmill and the speed and incline is slowly increased to see how the heart ... Continue Reading
  • Aortic Stenosis Treatment in Elderly Adults: Heart Health Have you ever felt tightness in your chest? Do you feel extreme exhaustion after minor physical activity? It may be worth getting checked for aortic valve stenosis. In this post, we will review some questions and answers for aortic stenosis in the elderly. What is Aortic ... Continue Reading
  • Blood Pressure Over 200 in Elderly Adult: Hypertensive Crisis It seems most doctors take our blood pressure at every appointment but don’t always mention what those numbers mean until they become a problem. So what do elderly people need to know about blood pressure? Does blood pressure increase with age? When should we become ... Continue Reading
  • Pacemaker Surgery Recovery: Elderly Recuperation After experiencing heart troubles, a patient may be advised to undergo pacemaker implantation. But what does that entail? In this post, we will provide answers to the following questions: Why should a patient get a pacemaker? Is a pacemaker a major surgery? Is pacemaker ... Continue Reading
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