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  • Recurrent Falls in Elderly Adults Falls by older adults can be concerning, especially when they happen on a recurring basis. But why do the elderly experience falls more often than other adults? What are the possible causes of falls? How do you help an elderly parent who keeps falling? In this post, we’ll ... Continue Reading
  • Safety Hazards in the Home for the Elderly We know that our elderly loved ones want to maintain their independence and continue living in their own homes for as long as possible. Here at Griswold, we believe every senior deserves to live in an environment where they feel safe and secure. A few simple adjustments can ... Continue Reading
  • How to Keep Elderly Warm: Feeling Cold in Hot Weather It may seem peculiar to see the elderly feeling cold in hot weather but it’s that unusual. But why are elderly always cold? In this post, we will take a look at why the elderly are cold all the time and ways to keep them warm. Why Are Older People Always Cold? Why do old ... Continue Reading
  • Cooking Safety Tips for Seniors You have almost certainly heard the phrase “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” It is where the family gathers, where you often share meals, and where you spend a significant amount of time making three meals daily. As we grow older, though, the kitchen can become a ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Hoarding Syndrome: Understanding Hoarding in Older Adults Hoarding is a difficult situation that affects around 4% of the population - although recent research suggests that the number is rising and is closer to 6% overall. Hoarding has a disproportionately negative effect on the elderly population, particularly impacting mobility ... Continue Reading
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