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  • Questions to ask a Kidney Doctor If you suffer from recurrent kidney infections, persistent low back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, or if you are elderly and have a family history of kidney disease, your primary care physician may refer you to a nephrologist, commonly known as a kidney doctor. Your ... Continue Reading
  • Pros and Cons of Dialysis in Elderly Adults When adults experience kidney failure, they may have to undergo dialysis treatment. Dialysis, otherwise known as renal replacement therapy, is the removal of excess waste from the blood. A kidney failure prognosis without dialysis for the elderly is impossible to determine ... Continue Reading
  • Caring for Someone on Dialysis: FAQ’s Dialysis sounds like a scary subject. One reason dialysis might sound intimidating is that you may not know anything about it, or have preconceived ideas about it being uncomfortable or difficult. But knowledge is power, and learning more about dialysis can help make the ... Continue Reading
  • Kidney Disease Life Expectancy: The 5 Stages Kidney disease leads to a reduction in life expectancy. How much of a reduction? It depends on several factors, especially a person’s age, sex, and the stage of the disease. Questions like these were first answered less than a decade ago. But thanks to an enormous amount of ... Continue Reading
  • Poor Kidney Function in Elderly: Causes and Treatment Options As people age, it seems like they must start worrying about all sorts of health issues that would never have occurred to them when they were younger. That’s true when it comes to your kidney function as well. Before you start having issues, it’s a good idea to understand ... Continue Reading
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