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Motor Vehicle Safety

  • Signs an Elderly Parent Should Not Drive One of the most difficult things an adult child of an aging parent must do is convince their mom or dad that it’s time to give up the car keys. It can be difficult to talk to a loved one about their driving abilities. Saying something like, "I've noticed some signs that it ... Continue Reading
  • Pros and Cons of Retesting Elderly Drivers All of us have had some sort of experience with an elderly driver on the road. Whether they are driving too slowly, making dangerous decisions at intersections, or weaving around the road, we have all wondered at some point: should old people be driving? Or should elderly ... Continue Reading
  • The Average Age Seniors Stop Driving As you get older, driving can become more and more dangerous. Seniors giving up driving or limiting driving may be the safest options to move forward. But how would you know the right time to do so? We’ll take a look at some general statistics about seniors driving and ... Continue Reading
  • Responsibility for Elderly Parent Driving: Car Accidents & Liability “I’m constantly worrying about my elderly parent driving. What if they get into an accident? But also, would it be MY fault if they got into an accident and hurt someone else? I take care of everything my parent does, and I’m worried negative attention will be put on me.”You ... Continue Reading
  • The Road Ahead: Driving Devices for People with AMD & Low Vision Many of us take our ability to drive for granted. By enabling your mobility, being able to drive can significantly improve your quality of life. Driving makes it easier to visit your friends and loved ones, find better jobs, make appointments, get involved in your community, ... Continue Reading
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