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  • Electrolyte Imbalance in the Elderly Electrolytes are important for keeping your body functioning normally. Staying properly hydrated, regulating chemical reactions, and maintaining proper muscle function all require the right balance of electrolytes. Under normal circumstances, electrolytes for elderly adults ... Continue Reading
  • Sudden Increased Appetite in Elderly Adults As we age, dementia is one of the most common issues older adults will experience. By now, most people are familiar with common side effects like memory loss and difficulty processing information or completing daily tasks. One of the often less reported side effects of ... Continue Reading
  • Is Raw Honey Safe for Elderly? Raw honey is known for its numerous health benefits, but is it safe for our aging loved ones to eat? In this blog, we will explore ways honey can assist seniors in achieving and maintaining their overall health. Is Raw Honey Safe for Elderly Adults? Yes, raw honey is safe ... Continue Reading
  • Elderly Adult Eating Only Sweets Have you noticed your elderly loved one seems to be eating only sweets? Don’t worry, they are not just making up for their moms not allowing them to eat too much Halloween candy when they were younger. There is actually some interesting science behind your elderly loved ones ... Continue Reading
  • Dysphagia in Elderly Adults Swallowing difficulties can be a frustrating and uncomfortable situation that can significantly impact a person's quality of life. Furthermore, they can deprive seniors of their proper nutrients. These difficulties can be summed up through a condition called dysphagia. What ... Continue Reading
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