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Pain Management

  • Foot and Hand Cramps in Elderly Adults Foot and hand cramps are one of those “issues” that become more common in the elderly. They are more prevalent in women (of course, because there aren’t enough fun things about aging for women) and though typically brief they can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. ... Continue Reading
  • Pain Management in Elderly Adults Many seniors and elderly adults believe that experiencing chronic pain is a natural part of aging. Luckily, this is not the case. While pain management for seniors can be trickier than grabbing some Tylenol at your local drug store, there are options that can offer relief. ... Continue Reading
  • Shoulder and Upper Back Pain in Elderly Adults As you age, it may seem like you have aches and pains in all sorts of places, but shoulder and upper back pain in elderly adults are two of the most common complains when it comes to pain. The good news is that there is treatment that can help. What Causes Shoulder and Upper ... Continue Reading
  • Can Arthritis Cause Headaches? If you suffer from arthritis, you know it can cause all sorts of issues, from sore joints to stiffness to making it difficult to walk or partake in your favorite activities. But can arthritis also give you headaches? What Is Arthritis? Arthritis is a term to describe about ... Continue Reading
  • Natural Remedies For Joint Pain According to the Arthritis Foundation, more than 54 million Americans have some form of arthritis . Though this potentially debilitating health condition can affect a person of any age, those over the age of 60 typically feel its effects the most. The term itself is a bit ... Continue Reading
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