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Process of Aging

  • Asthma in the Elderly: Does Asthma Get Worse With Age? When we think of asthma, we often associate it with children or athletes. However, we seldom discuss how it affects the elderly population Is asthma in the elderly a different disease compared to asthma in children? In this blog, we’ll explore the relationship between aging ... Continue Reading
  • Physical Changes the Elderly Experience It is so difficult to see signs of physical decline in our elderly loved ones. If they are someone you see everyday, it can be challenging to notice changes in their behavior or physical abilities, especially when they happen gradually. In addition, consciously or not, we do ... Continue Reading
  • What is Normal Level of Vitamin B12 in Elderly Adults? There are many vitamins that you probably already know are important to include in your diet, including calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, D, and E. But there is one vital but often overlooked vitamin whose lack can cause serious health problems: vitamin B12. Benefits of ... Continue Reading
  • What are the Problems Faced by Elderly in our Society? Late adulthood challenges can be quite cumbersome, whether related to health or general societal issues. But what can be the biggest challenge to older adults? What are the problems faced by the elderly in our society? In this post, we will review elderly problems and ... Continue Reading
  • Lifelong Learning: Continuing Education for Seniors Lifelong Learning: Continuing Education for Seniors There is no better time to pursue continuing education for seniors. Technology changes every day. The ongoing changes expand the ways seniors can enroll in classes and programs that will enrich their lives. A wide variety ... Continue Reading
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