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Quality of Life

  • Kyphosis: Why Do Some Elderly Adults Walk Bent Over? Have you ever seen an elderly person that almost appeared to have a hunchback and thought to yourself, “I wonder why the elderly walk bent over?” It turns out there is an official name for this condition: kyphosis. What is Kyphosis? Kyphosis is an exaggerated, forward ... Continue Reading
  • What Causes Dry Heaves in Elderly Adults? If you have never experienced the discomfort and fear caused by dry heaves, consider yourself lucky. The retching, gagging, and excessive saliva production is an unpleasant and sometimes scary feeling. Then there’s the anticipation of the condition returning without warning ... Continue Reading
  • Sudden Voice Change in Elderly Adults Our voices naturally change over the course of our lives, and these types of changes are often nothing to worry about. But when it comes to seniors, voice problems can take on entirely new characteristics, and it can be important to distinguish between changes that occur ... Continue Reading
  • Involuntary Grunting in Elderly Adults: What's the Cause? An elderly person making grunting noises might be doing it for a thousand different reasons. In fact, vocally disruptive behavior is a trait found among as many as 40% of nursing home residents. It can be a consequence of dementia. It can also be a consequence of movement ... Continue Reading
  • Cognitive Changes in Elderly Adults It is an unfortunate fact of aging that our bodies simply do not work the same way at age 65 that they did at age 25. On one hand, this is great news. Puberty, for example, is not a life stage anyone misses. But just like you can’t run as fast at 60 as you could at 30, our ... Continue Reading
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