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Quality of Life

  • Buying a House With an Elderly Parent: Pros and Cons Can I buy a house with my dad? Is buying a house with my mom possible? Like so many things in life, these questions appear much simpler than they are. Deciding to buy a house for elderly parents can be a great idea – but only in the right circumstances. Because buying a ... Continue Reading
  • Medical Marijuana Benefits for Elderly Adults The relatively recent availability of marijuana products has opened new opportunities for effective treatment of a variety of conditions. Hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) products were federally legalized in 2018, which means CBD products are now legally available in 47 states. ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Organizations: List of Groups for Older Adults AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) may be a well-known national organization for senior citizens but it does not necessarily fit the needs of all older adults. In this post, we will take a look at senior citizen membership organizations and other types of senior ... Continue Reading
  • Shared Housing for Seniors One thing we all know for sure, especially in today’s world, is life can change when we least expect it. Seniors who thought they had long term plans in place can have a life-changing event that turns their world upside down. One of the most common life changes facing ... Continue Reading
  • Write Letters to Elderly Loved Ones When You Can’t Be With Them Do you have an elderly loved one in a nursing home? Have you moved across the country for a job that’s far from your aging parents? What about your aunt who lives in a nursing home in a neighboring town? You’ve meant to visit, but you haven’t had the time. Why not write ... Continue Reading
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