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  • Touch and Intimacy in the Elderly: Spending A Year Apart Touch and Intimacy in the Elderly Despite what many people think, touch and intimacy in the elderly are as important to them as it is to people who are decades younger. Intimacy and aging are two words that can make grandkids say “ewww” and offspring squirm, but senior ... Continue Reading
  • Patient Falling in Love With Caregiver: What To Do The caregiver-patient relationship is often a close one. When a senior or a person with a disability must rely on someone else for daily assistance, it’s easy to understand how strong bonds can develop. But what happens when a patient’s feelings for their caregiver go beyond ... Continue Reading
  • Tinder for Seniors? Tinder for Seniors? Yes. Seniors date. Whether they’re widowed, divorced, or a lifelong bachelor or bachelorette. Whereas their younger counterparts have been relying on online dating apps like Tinder, many seniors have now gotten in on the act and there is a new app that ... Continue Reading
  • The Importance of Sexual Health for Seniors The Importance of Sexual Health for Seniors With the many advances in health care, people are living longer, healthier and more active lives. While such positive trends are definitely good news, they also contribute to additional health concerns for older individuals — ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Reasons Why Seniors are Getting Divorced The website reports that nearly a quarter of all divorces today are among adults aged 50+. That number has doubled from what it was just 20 years ago. This phenomenon is being called “gray divorce.” The stigmas that forced previous generations to stay ... Continue Reading
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