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  • What to Pack for a Hospital Stay Packing for a hospital stay isn’t as exciting as packing for a beach trip, but if you know, the necessary things to bring to the hospital for surgery, your stay will be more comfortable. Hospitals are more in tune with patient comfort than they used to be. The days of trying ... Continue Reading
  • Rehab for Elderly Patients After Hospital Stay: What To Know Rehab for Elderly Patients After Hospital Stay: What To Know After a stay in the hospital, it’s understandable to have many questions about a parent’s prognosis. In many cases, the answer to those questions will depend on the kind of rehabilitation services involved with ... Continue Reading
  • Knee Replacement Recovery Time for Elderly Adults: Post-Op Home Care Many elderly adults suffer from joint pain as they age and their bodies begin to “wear out.” Often this pain is caused by osteoarthritis, and one of the joints most affected is the knee. Luckily, technology is an amazing thing, and it is now not only possible but common to ... Continue Reading
  • No One To Help After Surgery: Recovery At Home Recovering from surgery without friends or family can be a difficult process. Most surgeries will keep you immobile for long periods of time and you may require some assistance in performing daily tasks. However, there are steps you can take and services you can utilize to ... Continue Reading
  • Hernia Surgery Recovery Tips Approximately 350,000 hernia surgeries are performed every year in the United States. With millions of case histories to draw upon, medical researchers have been able to develop a clear picture of what to expect after hernia surgery. Based on what they’ve learned, you can ... Continue Reading
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