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Technology & Aging

  • Apps for Elderly Adults in 2020 In this age of technology, performing basic tasks has never been easier. However, some older adults can experience anxiety when navigating this climate. Luckily, there are several ways to make technology more accessible and fun. From communicating with loved ones to playing ... Continue Reading
  • Innovative Products for Elderly Adults in 2020 Through the power of technology and industry innovations, senior living can be made easier through fascinating devices and tools. Let’s take a close look at innovative products for elderly adults. Convenience Products for Seniors There are plenty of products to make life ... Continue Reading
  • Video Calling for Seniors Video calling can be handy to get in touch with your loved ones at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, it makes it easier for caregivers to check in on their loved ones. Let’s take a look at some of the barriers seniors experience with technology and some devices and services to ... Continue Reading
  • Summer Gardening Projects for Seniors: Smart Irrigation Gardening is a unique hobby because it cultivates a strong bond and appreciation for Mother Nature while also being highly beneficial for seniors in a number of ways. Whether gardening entails a small collection of (organic) herbs in the windowsill or a small plot of land ... Continue Reading
  • Adaptive Devices for Elderly Adults: Home Remodeling Thanks to recent advances in technology, adaptive devices can assist elderly adults more than ever before. Devices like temporary stair railings, mobility assistive devices, wearable smart technology, door alarms, magnifying glasses, SOS buttons, and speaking computers all ... Continue Reading
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