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  • Transportation Services for Elderly Adults Ask almost anyone over the age of sixty and they will tell you growing older is almost no fun at all. With age comes wisdom, but also many physical and mental challenges. These physical challenges – such as diminished eyesight, poor night vision, hearing loss, and limited ... Continue Reading
  • Transportation for Seniors to Medical Appointments When loved ones are no longer able to drive, transportation problems can become potentially crippling. It’s estimated about half of Americans over 65 do not have access to public transit. This is especially common among rural areas. But access to personal transportation for ... Continue Reading
  • Long Distance Elderly Transportation Long-distance traveling can be difficult for elderly people due to mobility issues and health complications. In this post, we will explore transportation methods, travel tips, and services. How Does Aging Affect Traveling Ability? Driving is one of the most straightforward ... Continue Reading
  • How Uber and Lyft Can Help Seniors When Uber first rolled out in Richmond, I was among one of the early adopters. For me, Uber was cheaper and faster than taking a taxi, which made going out for drinks almost too easy. Little did I know, the technology that carted me to and from bars could be used for a much ... Continue Reading