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  • 7 Ways to Thank Our Senior Veterans Veterans pledged their loyalty to our country by serving in the military and fighting for our freedom. Whether it's a family member, friend, or a stranger, senior veterans are especially in need of support as their health declines and their resources start to diminish. No ... Continue Reading
  • Caring for Veterans with PTSD Fireworks are almost everyone’s favorite part of Independence Day festivities, and many major cities have reported them going off throughout the entire month. While the jury is still out as to why, the general consensus is that people are bored and it’s a way to let off ... Continue Reading
  • Honoring Memorial Day with Seniors In the excitement of summer’s unofficial arrival, it is easy to overlook what Memorial Day really is. Beyond the barbecues and neighborhood gatherings lies the real meaning of this day: remembrance. The Memorial Day holiday is a time to reflect on those who served during ... Continue Reading