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The Broward County Office of Griswold Home Care is a licensed nurse registry independently owned and operated by Greg Gorman. Greg has served the elder community for over 3 decades. Raised by his grandparents, on a farm in a very rural area, Greg learned the value of integrity and a job well done at a very early age when deals were still made based on a handshake and an individual’s reputation; Greg is grateful to have had these values instilled in him. He’s also grateful to have been a solid presence for his grandparents as they aged. Greg is proud to continue serving elderly and disabled folks as an owner of a company that has such a rich history of helping people of all ages by referring caregivers who help preserve client independence with a sincere heart of service.

Meet Your Home Care Referral Team:

Broward Team

canelaCanela Greenwood, Regional Manager and Business Development Executive, graduated from Northeastern University in Boston. Throughout her experience in wealth management, she has helped families with many facets of their lives. She’s found managing the costs associated with aging parents to be extremely important and emotional for most people she’s worked with. Personally, Canela relocated to Southern Florida to care for her ill, aging mother. She recognized the importance of quality care, and the primary role it plays in enhancing the quality of life for the sick and the elderly. This prompted her to make a career change and she is so excited for the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of our clients by helping them maintain their dignity, comfort, safety, independence and happiness that they deserve. Canela looks forward to immersing herself into the Broward County community and is currently looking for board member and volunteer opportunities.

ShalishaShalisha Ivy, Office Manager & Care Coordinator, makes getting the caregiver you seek a pleasant experience. Shalisha is attentive and patient. Having worked as a caregiver referred by Griswold Home Care for many years, Shalisha is especially understanding of both business and client needs. Shalisha has been affiliated with the Griswold office for 17 years.

CourtneyCourtney Gorman, Resource Director & Alternate Administrator, takes Griswold’s Golden Rule to Heart – that is, we would never refer a caregiver to your loved one whom we would not also trust to care for a member of our own family. Courtney screens caregivers over the phone before they are invited in to interview. This system allows our office to refer only the most experienced and professional caregivers.

Referring caregivers who care for your loved one, for the Broward County team, is not just a job; it’s a calling.

Nurse Registry Number: 30211028

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