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Home Care in Burlington County, NJ

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My name is Stephen Rymal, Esq. and I have been the Director of the Burlington County Office of Griswold Home Care since 1997. My Burlington County roots date back to my youth, when I visited my uncles’ farms on Route 70 past Olga’s Diner and the Route 73 circle. I still remember swimming in the cedar ponds in the summer and ice skating on them in the winter. My cousins and I would walk through the fields eating fresh Jersey tomatoes with their sweet juices dripping down our faces during the day and steam Jersey corn in their husks on the grill for dinner.

Burlington County has changed much since then. The farms are disappearing, Olga’s diner is abandoned, and the 73 Circle is now an overpass. However, the roots that tie me to this area inspire and motivate me to do all that I can to support my elderly and disabled neighbors in need as I would my own family.

My mother-in-law passed away a few years ago in my own home. She came to live with me when she started getting lost driving her car. I promised her that I wouldn’t place her in a nursing home and she promised to give up driving and move in with my wife and I. As a retired teacher, she was extremely helpful with our children, waiting for them at the bus stop in the afternoon and helping them complete their homework before dinner. We would sit together for hours talking about family long gone and reminding our children where they came from. When she died peacefully in her sleep, I was pleased to know that my family and I had made the last years of our loved ones life as safe, pleasant and comfortable as possible.

My mother-in-law and my deep seated Burlington County roots are just two of the many reasons why I chose to own and operate a home care business in New Jersey. After 15 years I feel that I can help your family face the same challenges I have. I am just a phone call away.

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