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Home Care Resources in Camden County, NJ

We are local and we know Camden County and the Delaware Valley very well. We also know that home care is based on the concept of helping our clients remain at home, not being “home bound.” Some ill and elderly clients come home from a hospital or rehab thinking they may never get out and about again. Adults with certain disabilities may feel the same.

When practical, we make it our objective to help our home care clients get back into their old routines or new ones; perhaps cards at the neighbor’s house on Wednesdays and hair and nails at the salon on Fridays or even driving them to the specialist “over the bridge” in Philadelphia if that’s what is needed.

It doesn’t matter to us because we care for you. Using our specialized “CarePairing System,” Kathy and the staff can arrange for a wonderful caregiver that matches your home care needs and does what you would like. So, if you want to get over to Ponzio’s for lunch or take in a show at the Walnut Street Theater, let us help make it happen.

We go the extra mile to make you as happy and comfortable as you can be in any environment you choose. Remember, home care doesn’t mean home-bound. Let us help you expand your horizons.

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