Caregivers provide non-medical care to elderly, ill, or injured care recipients so that they can live comfortably and independently at home. They provide companion, hospice, live-in and overnight, personal, and respite care as well as homemaking services.

Caregiver Duties


We all have a general idea of what caregiving involves, but what do caregivers really do? The responsibilities of a caregiver can include providing companionship both in and out of the home, assisting with dressing, hygiene, and using the bathroom, getting recipients in and out of bed and helping them move about, and reminding recipients to take their medication.

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Caregiver Specialties


Some of the most common reasons someone might need are a caregiver are if they have Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, ALS, MS, cancer, or have a disability. We provide several resources for you to learn more about each of these conditions and more.

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Caregiver Rates of Pay


Rates of pay for professional caregivers vary from state to state and company to company. You can find what the average is in your area on Many times, unpaid family and volunteer caregivers become professional caregivers after falling in love with how rewarding the job is.

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