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Home Care in Chester County, PA

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Hello, my name is Gale Bachich and I am the independent owner and operator of the Chester County office of Griswold Home Care. I have been a resident of Chester County for 26 years and owner of this office location for 22 years. I am proud to say that this office is the oldest home care referral company in Chester County. These years of experience with non-medical home care have enabled me to refer caregivers who can provide the residents of this county with personal and or companionship care. We have an experienced office staff that will always provide excellent customer service. These are the two keys to referring the most compatible caregivers to help clients and their families handle the stressful situations of post-surgery rehab, dementia, Alzheimer’s, personal care and transportation for themselves and for their loved ones.

Gale BachichMy interest in the health field began as a child, realizing the importance of my grandparents well fare was in the hands of my parents. I watched as tough decisions were made as to taking them from the homes that they loved and moving them into facilities because family members had to work and were not available to provide the constant care that they needed. At the time, this was the only alternative available.

I began my career in the pharmaceutical industry. When I moved to Chester County I became aware of the Griswold family and their idea of non-medical home care for those in need. I was immediately interested. What a tremendous idea to be able to have the elderly stay in their homes!!! So much of the care the elderly needs can be provided by non-medical caregivers. After meeting with Jean Griswold, the founder, I knew this is where I could make a difference in the lives of so many families, by referring a caregiver. I knew from my own family that there is such a need for home care services. The caregivers we refer can show the elderly or disabled the love and care that they need, when their family is not available to give it. When I go into someone’s home and see the stress and confusion regarding what to do about “mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and even the neighbor’s” need for personal care, light housekeeping, transportation and companionship it gives my office great satisfaction to know that we can provide a referral to make the lives of everyone involved a little easier. Most importantly, we refer a caregiver to help the client remain in the home that they love, with their own belongings and pets around them.

We know how overwhelming it can be to have a sick loved one in need of non- medical  in-home care. The choices that you make at this time are very important. That’s why we are here – we will come to your home and provide a free needs assessment with you and your family and discuss the unique Griswold model of home care referral services.

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