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Testimonials in Montgomery County

What our clients say about Griswold Home Care of Montgomery County.

“We highly recommend Griswold Home Care and their caregivers. We have had a live-in care giver for a number of years and are very satisfied with the level of care given and the attention from the home office. Any time that our regular caregiver needs time off, we have been sent excellent substitutes.”

“Our aides from Griswold are dependable, compassionate and knowledgeable. They’re on time and extremely helpful in every way.”

“Sadly, my mother’s cancer was extremely aggressive and, after only one visit from a Griswold caregiver, she passed away. Although my experience with Griswold Home Care was limited, it was exceptional. Their flexibility and ability to provide an amazing caregiver were invaluable. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a home care agency that is reasonably priced, dependable and committed to its clients.”

“Griswold Home Care really worked with my dad to ensure he was happy with the care he was receiving. The office staff did a great job at communicating with us in a down to earth yet professional manner.”

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