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Home Care in South Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Columbus, IN

*This office operates as a placement agency, referring self-employed professional caregivers.  The office is licensed as an employment agency in Indiana.


Warmest greetings from your southern Indiana Griswold Home Care team! Our office, located in Columbus, Indiana, has served southern Indiana since 2012. Our team of industry professionals can help you make the tough decisions necessary to keep yourself or a loved one safe, secure, and independent in their own home, wherever that may be.

Our Services

Our office refers caregiver for non-medical home care services. Most of the day to day needs of home care patients can be met with this type of care. Non-medical refers to activities of daily living such as homemaking, companionship, and personal care.

Homemaking – Activities such as housecleaning, laundry, cooking, tidying, organization, pet care, etc.

Companionship – Activities such as safety supervision, chatting, shopping, errands, orientation assistance, games, outings, and generally spending time together.

Personal Care – Activities such as bathing assistance, medication reminders, grooming, continence care/toileting, ambulation assistance, exercises, oral hygiene, skin care, etc.

There are also different types of arrangements which are meant to allow clients to get all of the care they need, at as low of a cost as possible.

Hourly Care – Simply put, with hourly care, a caregiver is referred to work with the client at a fixed hourly rate. There is not generally a change in cost depending on what types of activities and services the caregiver is providing. Hourly care can be performed for as little as 4 hour shifts or less, all the way up to 24 hours a day.

Live-In Care – This unique and cost-effective care arrangement is a great option for clients who need a caregiver in their home 24 hours a day, but don’t require constant, 24 hour hands on care. Rather than an hourly fee, Live-In is a daily fixed rate, and is much less expensive. Caregivers referred for Live-In care will sleep in the client’s home in their own designated space, prepare meals for and eat with the client, and provide all the standard non-medical care services that the client needs. This is achieved for less than half of the cost of 24 hours of hourly care.  This very popular service allows clients to have somebody in home at all hours of the day and night for peace of mind and security. Live-In is also an excellent option for clients with memory problems. Often times, only one single caregiver is referred to provide all of the client’s care. We pride ourselves with referring the very minimum number of caregivers in all situations, but it is especially simple with Live-In care.

Meet the Team

Our team of down to earth office staff will address your every concern. No matter when you call, you will talk to a human being.  We are available to address any situation that may arise, and are often able to start services within a day’s notice. Read on to learn a little bit about each of us!

Bobby Crider, Owner/Director

Our director is a Columbus, Indiana native. He graduated from Columbus North High School in 1998, and obtained a BA from Indiana University. He studied abroad in the United Kingdom and attended City University London. He is currently pursuing a BS in Nursing, and plans to pursue a DNP degree. He lives near Edinburgh, Indiana with his wife, Stacy, who is an attorney at Hankey Law Office in Indianapolis, and their three children, Sam, Max, and Millie. He serves on the board for First Presbyterian Preschool, and has previously served on boards at the Alzheimer’s Association and Friends for Hidalgo. He is formerly an IT Systems Administrator for Reams Asset Management, and CIM Technology Solutions. Bobby started the Southern Indiana office of Griswold Home Care in 2012, after his grandmother, Pauline Holtkamp of Greensburg, passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. His family tried to seek out additional care for Pauline in her home when she was still able to live independently with the disease, but did not know where to turn. After a bad fall, Pauline was admitted to a nursing home. The family continued to try to obtain additional care for her while in the facility, but again, they didn’t know how to go about it or who to turn to.  Pauline suffered another severe fall in the nursing facility, and passed away soon after. Bobby believed that were they able to find extra care for her, they may have had a few more good years together. The family knew firsthand how challenging it can be to find care for a loved one who is struggling, so Griswold Home Care seemed like a great way to help other families make those decisions and get the help they need. In his (very rare) spare time, Bobby enjoys playing the violin, aquariums, playing with his children, working outdoors, and small construction projects.

Janie Burton, Manager

Our office manager, Janie Burton, knows firsthand the challenges of caring for a loved one in the home. She cared for her mother for several years in her own home after her father had passed away. She has been there, and done that, and can relate to many of the struggles that our clients’ families face. She has been with Griswold Home Care since the very beginning. Most of our clients feel like they are part of the family when they talk to her. Janie graduated from Columbus North High School in 1979. She lives in Columbus with her husband, Tony. She has two children, Trent and Stacy (Yes, she is Bobby’s Mother-In-Law!), and five grandchildren, Sam, Max, Millie, Maddie, and Jordan. Formerly, Janie was the dairy manager at Marsh Supermarket in Columbus. When she and Bobby made the decision to open Griswold Home Care, Janie knew that she could lend her firsthand experience in caregiving and fun, down to earth nature to make our company great. Janie enjoys spending time with her family, particularly her grandchildren.

Amanda Hardin, Care Coordinator

Amanda hails from Brown County, Indiana. She is a 2003 graduate of Brown County High School, and obtained a BA in Health Care Support from Ivy Tech in Columbus. She has 15 years of experience in the senior care industry, and offers a unique perspective and energy to the team. She has worked as a caregiver in the past, and has been a care coordinator in home care for several years. She lives near Nashville, Indiana with her husband John. She has four daughters: Riley, who has a cosmetology shop in Nashville; Erin is an E3 Aerospace Nurse in the United States Air Force; Rebecca attends Brown County High School and is very active in 4H, and Alycia, who loves animals and is also involved in 4H.


Luna is a rescue cat who has become a member of our office team this past year. She is a very loving kitty who particularly enjoys having her head rubbed and neck scratched. She was rescued by the Bartholomew County Humane Society from a possibly abusive home, but has made the adjustment to office life extremely well.


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