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Updated October 2022

Tuesday, October 25
7:50 AM Preconference Check In 8th Floor Gallery + Balcony Seating (weather permitting)
9:00 AM WellSky Boots Begins 8th Floor Robbins
9:00 AM Ally training Begins 8th Floor Adams
12:00 PM

Buffet Lunch

8th Floor Gallery + Balcony Seating (weather permitting)
12:00 PM

General Conference Check in Begins

Hotel Lobby
12:00 PM Nashville Self-Touring (until 5:00 PM)
1:00 PM FAC Onsite Meeting Henley - PDR - Snooker
3:30 PM Next Gen Meeting 8th Floor Adams
4:00 PM Conference Check In Closes Lobby
5:00 PM 1st Timers, Next Gen Meet & Greet with FAC 8th Floor Robbins
6:00 PM Welcome Cocktail Hour Sponsored by Ally Woodlea 17th floor
7:00 PM Welcome Reception (Food Stations Open) Woodlea 17th floor
7:15 PM Welcome Reception Remarks & Video Presentation Woodlea 17th floor
8:30 PM After Hours Lounge Opens (Welcome Reception Bar Continuation) Woodlea 17th floor
11:00 PM After Hours Lounge Closes Woodlea 17th floor

Wednesday, October 26
7:45AM Breakfast Buffet Opens 8th Floor Gallery (buffet service). Seating Robbins & Adams
9:00 AM General Sessions: Opening Remarks, Brand Evolution and Conference Roadmap. Gold Level Sponsor Highlight Patterson ballroom (8th)
10:50 AM Sponsor Break & AM Snack Service 8th Floor Gallery
11:45 AM

General Sessions: New Staff Introductions: Tim Swan, Director of IT, Alexis Johnston, Director of People & Culture

Patterson ballroom (8th)
12:05 PM General Sessions: PR - Julie Greene, Mainland PR 8th Floor Gallery
12:35 PM Lunch Buffet 8th Floor Gallery (buffet service). Seating Robbins & Adams
1:30 PM General Session: Tobin Leff - Succession Planning - David Tobin & Holt Vaughn, Tobin Leff Patterson ballroom (8th)
2:30 PM Breakout 1 : Ally, Infiniti HR, State of Employment, CO Staffing Case Study State of Employment: Main Ballroom; CO Staffing: Adams; Ally: Robbins; Infiniti HR: Porter
3:30 PM Breakout 2: Ally, Infiniti HR, Honoring the Past, Inspiring Your Financial Future- Registry, Multichannel Marketing Campaigns Marketing: Main Ballroom; Financial Future- Registry: Adams; Ally: Robbins; Infiniti HR: Porter
4:30 PM Recharge Activity or Free Time Beer Tasting - Woodlea 17th floor (Mike), BBQ Rub Making - Robbins, Time Mgt. - Adams (Amanda L.)
7:00 PM Gala Cocktail Hour Begins - Sponsored by Paradigm Senior Services Patterson prefunction (8th)
8:00 PM Jean Griswold Foundation Jeans & Gems Gala and Awards Celebration: Seated Dinner, Karaoke Patterson ballroom (8th)
9:50 PM After Hours Lounge Opens (Gala Bar Continuation) Patterson ballroom & prefunction (8th)

Thursday, October 27
7:45 AM Breakfast Buffet Opens 8th Floor Gallery (buffet service). Seating Robbins & Adams
9:00 AM General Sessions: Population Health, Care Management, and Griswold - Cindy Campbell from WellSky + Board member Chris Selecky + Chris Sommerfield (presentation + Q&A) Patterson ballroom (8th)
10:30 AM Sponsor Hour & AM Snack Service Patterson prefunction (8th)
11:30 AM General Sessions: CarePredict Overview & Q&A- Chris Sommerfield, Company Offices, Beth Copeland, DE Office, Satish Movva, CarePredict Patterson ballroom (8th)
12:30 PM Lunch Buffet Opens (45 min) 8th Floor Gallery (buffet service). Seating Robbins & Adams
1:15 PM Breakout 3: Supercharge Your Digital Leads, Multichannel Marketing Campaigns, WellSky, Succession Planning Digital Leads: Main Ballroom; WellSky: Adams; Succession: Robbins; Marketing: Porter
2:15 PM Breakout 4: Scorpion, Maximizing the VA, Retention, Succession Planning VA: Main Ballroom; Retention: Adams; Scorpion: Robbins; Succession: Porter
3:00 PM PM Snack Service Patterson prefunction (8th)
3:15 PM Breakout 5: Scorpion, CO Staffing Case Study, WellSky, Honoring the Past, Inspiring Your Financial Future- Agency Financial Future- Agency: Main Ballroom; WellSky: Adams; Scorpion: Robbins; CO Staffing: Porter
4:15 PM General Sessions: Brand Evolution - Chris Wallace, Interview Patterson ballroom (8th)
6:45 PM Cocktail and BBQ Casual Reception Acme Feed & Seed - The Hatchery - 3rd Floor
10:30 PM Buses depart for hotel

Friday, October 28
7:45 AM Breakfast Buffet Opens 8th Floor Gallery (buffet service). Seating Robbins & Adams
9:00 AM

General Sessions: Building Referral Relationships – Anne McSweeney, CEU Creations

Patterson ballroom (8th)
9:20 AM General Sessions: High-Margin Sales - You will walk away from this model-agnostic session energized to get back out into a post-covid world and grow your business! In this session, Steve Turner, Matt Ericksen, and Amanda Lepore will teach us how to impact our business through identifying margins, and gaining business from high-margin referral sources. This will create opportunities to serve more clients, hire/roster and retain the best caregivers, and achieve your financial goals! Patterson ballroom (8th)
10:50 AM General Sessions: Living Assured: The Client Experience - Special Guest Presentation Patterson ballroom (8th)
11:15 AM General Sessions: Living Assured: The Client Experience - Special Guest Presentation Patterson ballroom (8th)
12:30 PM General Sessions: Closing Remarks, Michael Slupecki Patterson ballroom (8th)

Breakout Descriptions

(all sessions will be recorded and posted to GPS following Conference)

  • Ally: Leveraging Connected Services to Strengthen Your Registry - Learn how to leverage Ally’s new Connected Services to boost your registry business. Discover exclusive benefits Ally users can access through partnerships with Synergi Partners, Polsinelli, and ScreeningOne—and even get a sneak peek at what else Ally is working on.

  • Infiniti HR - Fuel your passion, not your To-Do list! Harness the power of aggregation and leverage the one-stop-shop holistic PEO solution to save time and money! Need help managing complex employee-related HR services such as payroll, health benefits, workers’ comp claims, employee relations, and more human resource outsourcing? Learn how Infiniti HR assumes these responsibilities and provides expertise; allowing you to focus on growing your business.
  • State of Employment - Have you ever thought “Why doesn’t anyone want to work anymore?” Join Matt Ericksen, Alexis Johnston, and Hireology to explore how to attract and retain talent by focusing on what matters most to them and your business. By the end of this roundtable, you will have key action items to be on your way to getting people working and becoming an Employer of Choice.
  • CO Staffing Case Study - Christina Sommerfield, VP of Company Offices, shares how she staffs the company offices based on hours, revenue levels, and other needs. She will share how she decides when to add to the team, which role to hire for, and other best practices for internal office staff.
  • Honoring the Past, Inspiring Your Financial Future – Registry & Agency sessions: History helps us define where we are today and what our actions need to be in the future. So true, in love, life AND your best financial health! It doesn’t matter where you are in your business journey, whether you’re just starting out, in a seasoned business, or in succession planning - maximizing your profits and understanding what you need to do to get there is a key component to continuously drive the value of your business. Join Katherine Schiavino, CFO, to learn the best way to look at your financial results through historical trends and using this information to determine your path to growth and higher profits through goal setting, and understanding how to use key performance metrics that will design the road map to your best financial future. Let us help you plan for tomorrow…today!
  • Multichannel Marketing Campaigns: How to successfully execute and track ROI - Care with Us. Holiday Warning Signs. Foundation Scholarship Program. And soon: the Rebrand of Griswold Home Care. All of these campaigns include pieces that fit together to create a 360-degree campaign: a Landing Page, Social Posts, Email Blasts, Display Ads, and more. But how many of us know how to implement all the moving parts to result in a measurable return on investment? This session will show you how to successfully execute and track the results for a multichannel marketing campaign.
  • Super Charge Your Digital Leads - Learn how to turn money spent into money earned! The team will walk through best practices for converting digital leads, a process that is converting at double the industry average!
  • WellSky - Let data tell your story with WellSky CareInsights for Personal Care. If you’ve ever had trouble articulating why a client needs additional care, or you rely on spreadsheets to help you prepare for meetings with referral sources, it’s time to explore more advanced data insights. The right data can help you explain your agency’s story to family members, payers, and referral sources. Join the WellSky Personal Care (formerly ClearCare) team as they provide an overview of of WellSky CareInsights for Personal Care, including the powerful Performance View and Client View. With clean, organized data, you can have the valuable conversation about hospitalization risk with family members and payers. Attend this session to learn how to let WellSky CareInsights for Personal Care tell your story.
  • Succession Planning - Whether planned or unplanned, in 10 months or 10 years, it's important to have an exit strategy. Join Steve Turner, COO and Brian Hill, Franchise Development Manager to learn how to set yourself up for success when it comes time for your next adventure. Succession planning starts the day you sign your Franchise Agreement. Even new offices won't want to miss this session!
  • Scorpion - Meet your new support team at Scorpion and learn how to strategize, implement and measure an effective local marketing campaign based on your goals and real-time data. Scorpion will present best practices for local online marketing, as well as share practical steps on how to use the data in your Scorpion Dashboard to make more well-informed decisions to help grow your business.
  • Maximizing the VA (Agency offices) - Hear from a panel of your peers who have cracked the code on VA! These offices gained access to the VA and have leveraged it to grow their business. Join Matt Ericksen and Kim Mongan as they facilitate the panel also including Greg Bean from Paradigm to learn how you can see the same success in your office.
  • Retention - Recruitment no longer stops once a person is hired; Retention is just “re-recruiting” your current team. But what do your current workforce want? Join Jennifer Seehra and Alexis Johnston to explore solutions & leverage feedback mechanisms to increase your team’s retention (and lower your external recruitment efforts).

Your Story
is Our Story

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  • “We found the people who were such a wonderful match for Mom and I’ve been able to have them consistently. Griswold supported the fact that I would like the same person consistently. I know now a caregiver is at home with Mom.”
    - Angelika
  • “It’s great to have an agency like Griswold that you can go to to help you with the things that you need. Pick up that phone and call and say, “I need help,” and Griswold say, “Okay, what can we do for you?”
    - Tony and Linda
  • “She always calls me when she has a day off or when she leaves. She always calls and I tell my friends, I said, “My aide calls me even when she’s not here.” They can’t believe that.”
    - Harriet
  • “What we liked about Griswold was the flexibility that they provide. They provide all kinds of service. They’re very respectful of our conditions. They help where we need them. They let us do what we want to do. They can do whatever we ask them.”
    - Leroy, Joyce & Stacey
  • “I'm truly grateful for the caregivers that helped us through the difficult time of our dad's passing. They provided excellent caregivers and covered the times we needed some rest. Everybody on their staff is easy to work with and understanding.”
    - Sharon Russell

About Jean Griswold

Our founder, Jean Griswold, was a care professional who became a visionary entrepreneur when she started the first non-medical home care franchise in the United States while running her own home care business.

Jean started at her dining room table in 1982 in suburban Philadelphia. Her husband, Minister and Doctor Lincoln Griswold, informed her that an elderly woman in their parish had died through the complications associated with malnutrition and dehydration because she had no support system to care for her. Jean was deeply saddened by what she felt was an easily preventable tragedy. She was driven to act.

Jean Griswold was an extraordinary leader. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1967 at the age of 36 but continued to work actively in her office until she was 79. She published a book, “Fears of the Elderly” in 2013.

Jean was born in New York City. She received a bachelor’s degree in economics and business from Douglass College and a master’s degree in personnel and guidance from Rutgers University. She received an honorary doctorate from Holy Family University in 2006. From 2003 to 2004 she was Entrepreneur in Residence at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She won numerous awards, including the Spirit of Philadelphia Award, the Working Woman’s 2001 Entrepreneur of the Year honor, and the 2002 MS National Achievement Award of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Jean passed away on January 28th, 2017 at the age of 86. She was an inspirational woman and entrepreneur, and despite her passing, her values live on in Griswold Home Care today.

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