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Home Care Services and Rates in Cumberland County, NJ

Home care is rarely a planned out event and more often than not driven by a rushed and stressful “spur of the moment” situation. We understand that and have walked our clients through the process thousands of times. We assure every client that we will be with him or her every step of the way.

A hospitalization, a fall or some sudden incident might bring on those dreaded words from your doctor, “you can’t go home,” or “you can’t go home alone.” If that happens, take comfort that we are there and can help on a moment’s notice. Our home care services can be as little or short as helping someone home from the hospital, getting them situated, a warm meal, and giving them a reassuring smile that they are ok, at home and in the comfort of their personal surroundings. If more is needed we can oblige.

We have professional caregivers that can provide service under our “24/7 Live-in Program.” Under this program, our caregivers can provide extraordinary care for weeks on end; no need to stress or worry about people coming and going, just sit back and enjoy while we care for you or your loved one.

NJ Certified CaregiverAverage Caregiver Market Rate*Our Office FeeTotal Cost of Care*
Hourly (4 Hour Minimum)$12.00/hour$6.00/hour$18.00/hour
Hourly (Under 4 Hours)$14.00/hour$6.75/hour$20.75/hour


Skilled CaregiverAverage Caregiver Market Rate*Our Office FeeTotal Cost of Care*
Hourly (4 Hour Minimum)$11.50/hour$6.50/hour$18.00/hour
Hourly (Under 4 Hours)$13.50/hour$7.25/hour$20.75/hour


This office serves the following cities and towns:Cumberland – Newport, Port Elizabeth, Millville, Leesburg, Mauricetown, Vineland, Shiloh, Port Norris, Rosenhayn, Seabrook, Hopewell, Delmont, Dividing Creek, Deerfield, Deerfield Street, Bridgeton, Cedarville, Greenwich, Heislerville, Fortescue, Dorchester, Fairton, Vineland, Newtonville, Buena, Milmay, Minotola, Landisville, Hammonton, Richland, Bivalve, Carmel, Gandys Beach, Laurel Lake, Thompson Beach, Stow Creek, Fordville, Gouldtown, Haleyville, and Husted Landing.

We also serve the following zip codes:Cumberland – 08349, 08302, 08332, 08311, 08313, 08314,08315, 08316, 08360, 08320, 08321, 08345, 08323, 08324, 08327, 08329, 08348, 08349, 08352, 08302, 08353, 08302, 08324

*Griswold Home Care does not set caregiver rates. You will negotiate those rates with your caregiver after you engage him or her. As general information, however, market studies conducted in our community reveal the average rate that caregivers typically charge. Our office fee would be added to your caregiver rate to determine the total cost of care to you.

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