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Local Community in Cumberland County, New Jersey

Growing up in Cumberland county was a great, but often undervalued experience. It was “small town” and everyone seemed to know everyone else. Of course we had big ideas of moving out to the big city, maybe Philadelphia or New York. Many friends did move, but I stayed and now see that decision as one of the greatest ‘unexpected’ decisions I’ve made.

I love this area just like the clients we provide home care for every day love it. Most of them have lived here their entire lives and some moved here to live the fresh ‘salt of the earth’ lifestyle. They still know the family up the road or down the street and try to keep up with what is happening around town. Sometimes though, it’s a little harder to get around as we get up in years.

We don’t want our home care clients to feel left out. Our caregivers can do many things beyond helping with personal care, home making and ‘in-home’ companionship. You need a ride to the salon to get the hair and nails done? Call us. You need a ride to see ‘the girls’ for Tuesday bridge (and maybe a martini)? Call us.

You have an appointment with your cardiologist and can’t get a ride? Call us. We can help you do those things that make Cumberland County your home, your community, that special place in your heart.

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