Senior couple in sports car Most people take driving for granted, but as they get older, driving can become more dangerous and a topic for discussion. Keeping older adult drivers on the road longer should be a goal as long as they can drive safely. With the following tips, you can help keep your elderly loved one driving longer and enjoying life while staying safe, all at the same time. Get Your Vision Checked Depending on your loved one’s age, they should have their vision checked yearly and go no more than two years without a check up. Eye doctors can detect and correct many vision issues such as cataracts with fairly simple outpatient surgery. Surgery isn’t always the solution to a vision problem in an older adult. Corrective lenses may also help the issue. Your loved one just may need a new prescription for their eyeglasses or contacts each year. Finally, anti-reflective lenses can help reduce glare and make seeing a little easier when driving. Good vision will make safe driving for older adults just that much easier.

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