elder abuse awareness

Elder abuse can happen to anyone — from the most vital senior citizen to an older adult who is infirm or relegated to a wheelchair. One of the most common varieties of elder abuse is domestic elder abuse, in which an older person is mistreated by a person with whom they share a significant relationship — such as their adult child, a family friend, caregiver, or even a spouse or sibling.

The National Center on Elder Abuse, estimates that 90% of all elder abuse cases involve family members and that only one out of every 14 cases of elder abuse is brought to the attention of the proper authorities. Many older adults are either unable to report that they are being abused, or refuse to report abuse for fear of getting a loved one in trouble.

How to Detect Elder Abuse: 5 Warning Signs

There are many warning signs which can indicate physical, emotional — and even financial — neglect and abuse. Pay close attention to your loved one’s behavior if you suspect that they may be a victim of elder abuse. Here are five warning signs of elder abuse that may indicate that they are potentially being abused.

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