Older man or pensioner with a hearing problem make a hearing tes The latest improvements in medical technology are helping to extend the human lifespan longer than ever before. These advances have also made great strides towards improving the quality of life of the elderly by streamlining caregiving services and by creating more effective treatments. Below you’ll learn about some of the most innovative ways that technology is making family caregiving for elderly loved ones easier with the help of assistive living technologies, fall detection services, and optimized medication delivery systems. With a little help from modern elder care technology, today it’s possible to help ensure your loved ones will be able to live more independent and comfortable lives throughout their golden years.  Automatic Fall Detection Technology One in three adults in the 65-or-older age group will suffer from a fall every year. These simple falls can become a full-blown medical crisis if nobody is around to help — particularly when combined with a heart attack or stroke. That’s why personal emergency response systems were invented, allowing the elderly to access emergency help with the press of a single button.

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