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Home Care in Fargo, ND and Surrounding Areas

Morgan and Josh Gilleland are the Co-Directors of the Fargo and Surrounding Areas, ND offices of Griswold Home Care.

Josh relates his desire in becoming a Griswold Director to being raised by his Grandparents for much of his youth. Josh saw them aging much faster than parents of his peers. After High School, Josh would move in with his Grandparents each summer to help them do daily activities most of us take for granted. When Josh’s Grandpa, better known to Josh as “Bapa,” lost his driver’s license due to Macular Degeneration, he was unable to get Josh’s Grandma, “Nana,” out of the house, and believed she began to decline from depression brought on by a lack of socialization. Not long after, Nana and Bapa were moved into a local nursing home; it was the only thing Josh and his family knew to do. Bapa felt the nursing home confined him and couldn’t do things he could at home. Looking back on his grandparents going into a nursing home, Josh knows, with a Caregiver’s assistance, they could have enjoyed those years in their own home. Josh is making it his goal with Griswold to let families know there are options. Non-Medical companion care is what his grandparents needed, but affordable in-Home care was unknown to him and his family.

Morgan Gilleland has a much different reason for her interest Home Health Care. While attending college in Northwestern MN, she worked part-time as a companion caregiver for adults with mental disabilities. She found that just taking the client out for a walk or going to dinner made a difference. After graduation, Morgan moved back to the Grand Forks area and took a position as Deputy Sheriff for the county. Every day presented a different situation, but she noticed a consistent reoccurrence of calls to certain seniors homes. Morgan assisted where she could but saw the need for a more informed public, a need for knowledge of services available for in-home health care. Morgan later became a certified Crisis Intervention Team member by the National Alliance of Mental Intelligence. This focuses on how to speak with individuals who have conditions such as dementia or PTSD. When the idea of home health care as a business was brought to her attention, she grasped at the idea.

Morgan and Josh are currently in training to receive their Certified Senior Advisor Certification. They are so excited to be able to refer caregivers to help seniors stay in their home with confidence and dignity.

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