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The Jean Griswold Foundation

Supporting Those Who Support Others

Caregivers are the backbone of a home care company. Without the dedication, compassion, and hard work of a caregiver, our purpose of giving people the help they need to live in the place they love would be impossible to achieve. We recognize the critical role of caregivers, and that is why the Jean Griswold Foundation focuses solely on caregivers. Our mission is to support them with educational opportunities and scholarships. The application window for 2023 Winter Scholarship has ended. Scholarship finalists will be notified in December. Award winners will be announced in February as we celebrate National Caregiver's Day!

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Announcing the Summer 2023 Jean Griswold Foundation Scholars – watch their reactions when they first get the news!

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We are excited to announce that in our first scholarship year we have awarded $44,200 in scholarships to 18 overachieving caregivers from across the country! Congratulations to:

  • Andrea Coulter - Andrea came to caregiving after first looking after her mother. Andrea has dreamed of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant for over 5 years!

  • Claudia Estrada - Claudia has been caregiving for over 20 years and is looking to add CNA training to her extensive real-world expertise

  • Casey Hart - Finding her passion for caregiving at a young age being close to a special needs family member, Casey found herself needing care after a devastating accident. Casey brings her heart and wide perspective to every client, and now her continued studies.

  • Emily Lewis - Emily has been a standout professional caregiver with the AZ Office for over a decade.. She is loved by her clients and Griswold team. Emily first plans to pursue a CNA, but she doesn't expect to stop there. Emily finds support for continued education from her family and her church community.

  • Cora Lacy - Cora began caregiving at 19 and is less than a year from completing her nursing degree. Cora hopes to bring her compassion and high quality of care to rural and low-income areas.

  • Valerie Meombe Mbolle - Valerie has witnessed exceptional medical care for loved ones and focuses her ambitions on becoming an RN and then a Nurse Practitioner, delivering care and kindness to sick children.

  • Sarah Jalloh - Growing up, Sarah always dreamed of becoming a nurse. Doubt crept in and she took time to become a caregiver, gaining skills and confidence. Now an outstanding nursing student, she excels in GPA and compassionate care!

  • Bettina “Tina” Conde - After the tragic death of her brother to Covid, Tina knew it was time to take her 15 years of experience with EMS to follow her dream of becoming an RN! A single mom of 3, this will impact her whole family as well as patients, clients and families she cares for in the future.

  • Dominic Sardegna - Growing up very close to his grandmother, Dominic always had a special place in his heart for providing care and comfort to seniors. After taking a break from school to care for his father, Dominic is now ready to graduate with his Associate's Degree in public health before moving to his bachelor's studies in nursing.

  • Sydney Brown - This college athlete identified her passion early, taking every doctor's appointment as an opportunity to learn and compare experiences. Having completed her training for CNA, AUA, Phlebotomy and ECG technician, and 2 years of home health in her pocket, Sydney is ready to begin nursing school.

  • Renee Kemp - The death of a beloved elder, herself a nurse, sparked Renee's passion to leap into a nursing career. Ending her recent Spring Semester with a 4.0 and providing care and comfort to by the end of every shift as a Patient Care Technician, we know Renee's dreams will become reality.

  • Ke’Erra Hughes - A single mom just completing her Associate's Degree of Science in Human Services, Ke'Erra plans to build a career in service of seniors in the underserved areas of Mississippi.

  • Oumou Nabe - Oumou, a perennial learner, came to caregiving after watching her grieving grandmother lack the support she needed from her care team. Oumou dedicated herself to becoming that support for others as a caregiver and as a future nurse.

  • Anne Rosales – Anne is committed to showing her girls that "even if it takes a while, it is still achievable." Anne pursues her CNA certificate with support of the JGF and we know that's just the beginning of her career journey.

  • Jasmine Ramirez - After first working in a nursing home at 15 years old, Jasmine has always known caring would be in her future. Now in her junior year of nursing school, Jasmine is ready to embark on this leg of her care career journey!

  • Teresa Vaughan - A CNA Caregiver since high school, Teresa has been working and attending school part time for the past 6 years. Now enrolled in a full-time nursing program, the JGF is so excited to recognize her dedication to her education and career.

  • Elizabeth Fowler - Elizabeth's dreams of becoming a teacher were re-drawn following the death of a family friend to cancer and the near-death illness of her best friend. Now her dreams involve becoming a pediatric oncology nurse. Elizabeth takes her recent CNA training into nursing school and beyond.

  • Kris Atkinson - Combining his love for community, his faith, and his caring for others, Army Reservist Kris embarks on his CNA course upon his return from base training, with plans to become a hospice chaplain.

All 2023 Scholarship Winners

Each caregiver will receive up to $3,000 to continue their education in a care-related field. These caregivers have displayed enduring dedication, arduous work ethic, and abiding motivation, and we are thrilled to provide the financial support they deserve.

Jean Griswold founded Griswold Home Care out of her heartfelt desire to help people, especially Caregivers. Her legacy lives on through the mission of the Jean Griswold Foundation. The application window for 2023 Winter Scholarship has ended. Thank you to everyone who has applied and nominated an outstanding caregiver. Scholarship finalists will be notified in December. Award winners will be announced in February as we celebrate National Caregiver's Day!

"With humility and appreciation, we recognize the critical role of our caregivers. The pandemic was an astonishing reminder of just how important they are to society. The Jean Griswold Foundation is proud to focus its efforts towards supporting caregivers everywhere, and we look forward to awarding scholarships and grants throughout the coming years.”

- Michael Slupecki, Griswold Home Care CEO and Jean Griswold Foundation Board Member

Visit the Jean Griswold Foundation website to learn more!

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  • “We found the people who were such a wonderful match for Mom and I’ve been able to have them consistently. Griswold supported the fact that I would like the same person consistently. I know now a caregiver is at home with Mom.”
    - Angelika
  • “It’s great to have an agency like Griswold that you can go to to help you with the things that you need. Pick up that phone and call and say, “I need help,” and Griswold say, “Okay, what can we do for you?”
    - Tony and Linda
  • “She always calls me when she has a day off or when she leaves. She always calls and I tell my friends, I said, “My aide calls me even when she’s not here.” They can’t believe that.”
    - Harriet
  • “What we liked about Griswold was the flexibility that they provide. They provide all kinds of service. They’re very respectful of our conditions. They help where we need them. They let us do what we want to do. They can do whatever we ask them.”
    - Leroy, Joyce & Stacey
  • “I'm truly grateful for the caregivers that helped us through the difficult time of our dad's passing. They provided excellent caregivers and covered the times we needed some rest. Everybody on their staff is easy to work with and understanding.”
    - Sharon Russell

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