How One Visionary Woman Created the Non-Medical Home Care Franchising Industry

In January 1982, former geriatric counselor Jean Griswold received bitter news. Her husband, Dr. Lincoln Griswold, told her that an elderly woman in their congregation had died at home. Jean learned that the woman had stopped eating and drinking and passed away from kidney failure. Jean was deeply saddened by what she felt was an easily preventable tragedy, and she was driven to act.

In the 1980s, professional, in-home care wasn’t commonplace. Older or disabled people were often alone through the night until a family member or hired help visited in the morning.


Within days of receiving the news of her friend’s passing, Jean had assembled a group of competent, caring individuals to help other older parishioners stay safe and healthy in their homes.


Armed with a master’s degree in education and degrees in business and economics, Jean created a system to organize volunteers to stay with members of her community. That system became the seed of her life’s work: a national organization recognized as the oldest non-medical home care franchise company and one of the first companies to offer 24-hour care to disabled, injured, elderly, or at-risk individuals.


Having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1969, Jean understood that assistance need not compromise independence. She had a sense of empathy for individuals needing home care support.


Thirty-five years later, Griswold Home Care has helped hundreds of thousands of seniors and other adults with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries live in the place they love.


“I began this company because I realized that there were desperate pleas of the elderly not to be institutionalized,” Jean said. “They wanted to stay in their own homes, they wanted to avoid nursing homes, and they needed help. And I knew caring people who needed jobs. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others. It’s not a job for me. It’s a way of life.”

Why the Future of Griswold Home Care Is Brighter Than Ever

Though Jean is no longer with us, her luminous spirit and founding principles have guided us into a brighter future of rapid growth. New franchisees are finding their calling by helping adults in their community age in place with dignity and providing peace of mind to their families.


There are millions of seniors who still need us to enter their markets and millions more who will need us in the future. AARP points out that 10,000 people are turning 65 every day, and this trend will continue well into the future.


Griswold Home Care’s executive team is passionately committed to the success of our franchisees and to our business model that is easy to scale and a joy to own.

There has never been a better time to build a brighter future by taking care of those in your community who need you most.

Jean Griswold Memoriam

If you’re a deeply empathetic person and you place compassion and a desire to help others above everything else, then Griswold is the right fit for you. We have developed a business model, the training, and the ongoing support that will help you become established, and we’re going to be with you the whole way. We’re most passionate about the success of our franchisees because we see the work they do and the good they bring to their communities. There is no other brand like Griswold in the senior home care space, and we’re here to ensure that the next 35 years are even better than the last.