Ready to bring a Griswold Home Care franchise to your community?

Click on the button below to read our Franchise Information Report with the steps to starting a home care business, which will give you detailed information about our brand as well as the requirements to franchise with us. Afterwards, fill out the form on the page and a member of our franchising staff will reach out to you by phone. The first call usually lasts just a few minutes and gives us a chance to introduce ourselves to one another and address initial questions.

Download Franchise Information Report

After we determine that you’re financially qualified and a good fit for the brand, we hit the ground running! Once you complete the investigative process and we decide to move forward together, you will move into our launch process to complete all the necessary steps of preparing your business for a grand opening. When everything is complete, we will schedule your 10-day Home Care Academy training experience at our franchise headquarters in the Philadelphia area, where we will cover everything you need to know about the business: how to network and build a referral base, sell your services, hire the right caregivers with expertise, manage customer relationships, and effectively market the business in your community, including on your social media platforms.

We provide recurrent reviews to help you meet financial and performance goals and provide a sample business plan template before you open your business. Additionally, we provide ongoing training called Griswold University to ensure that you have all the tools you need to grow your business.

In summary, the steps to starting a home care business are:

  1. Discuss franchise opportunities in your area with the franchise development team.
  2. Complete the investigative process to determine financial qualifications and brand fit.
  3. Sign a franchise agreement to move forward and get started.
  4. Enter the launch process to prepare for a local market grand opening.
  5. Attend Home Care Academy for several weeks at headquarters for training and in-the-field operational experience.
  6. Open the business, and receive recurrent reviews and ongoing training with the tools needed to grow.

We will follow up with a short conversation to answer any questions you have. Thank you in advance for your interest in franchising with us!