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Celebrating Four Decades of Quality Care ~ 1982 - 2022

What a Successful Home Care Business Looks Like

On the Season 1 finale of Franchising with Purpose, Director-Owner of Griswold Home Care of Phoenix-Scottsdale and 2021 Jean Griswold Founder's Award Recipient Dustin Jackson joins the show to talk about how his leadership style empowers his team. You'll also hear a hiring secret you may not have heard anywhere else!

Steve Turner, COO of Griswold Home Care, also joins Dustin to speak on how the franchisor also helps support offices in their growth and success.

Stay tuned to your podcast app to learn more about Season 2, coming later this year!

What are the keys to developing a successful home care business plan?

  • Empowering other people in the office to be their very best. Dustin says his style is to have a casual atmosphere in the office and to put other people in charge and let them take their own path.
  • Care deeply about the service being provided. A home care business is all about a passion for the work and the service provided. This requires caring and compassionate staff.
  • Go over and above for referral sources. Going above and beyond when it comes to developing and nurturing referral sources is an essential component of running a successful home care business.
  • Look to recruit the best caregivers. Caregivers are the core and the face of the business. Recruiting people who share a love for the people we serve is another key to success. A dedicated team, from caregivers to office staff, to referral partners work together to create the success story of a home care business.
  • We support families by providing the helping hand they need when they need it the most. A simple smile and the reassurance that we will be there to take some stress off their plate work wonders. We do the little things well.

“Caring, community, and great staff- blend together to form Griswoldness.”

How do you make sure the team is ready for strategy changes if needed?

  • Expect change. An even better plan is to push for change. If you’re okay with change, you’ll be okay when the inevitable change happens. Be on the constant lookout for ways to perfect the system or a better way of doing things.
  • Hire lazy people (the good kind of lazy, of course!) What is a good kind of lazy? It is the person who is always going to find the most efficient way to get things done.

How does Griswold Home Care support franchisees during times of change (like during Covid?)

  • As far as Covid is concerned, we keep owners updated on what is happening at the federal and state level. We have a compliance team that keeps all our owners informed of any changes regarding Covid.
  • We hold monthly Town Hall Webinars, which everyone can read, that provides all the latest information.
  • Information is always available via our company-wide internet.
  • We conduct Workshops for our owners. We will sit down with owners and discuss business operations for areas of optimization.
  • We have all the departments with the expertise to run a business. We can help with compliance, training, operations, finance, or any other needs our owners have.
  • For example, we can conduct a Recruiting Workshop. We’ll help you by looking over your job ads. What do they say? How can they be improved to be more effective? We can help you with the interview process or with employee onboarding.
  • We want to help you grow your business, and we’re always looking to push things to the next level. We will help you achieve your goals.
  • We help with marketing and the latest marketing trends. We will help you market your business so it will be relevant in the local market in your area.
  • We have seven corporate-owned offices where we can test things and learn lessons before bringing them to our franchisees.


Dustin Jackson, one of our owners in Scottsdale and a contributor to the Episode 6 Podcast, summed it up best when he said,

“The level of support that we’re receiving from the home office is nothing short of amazing.”