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Griswold Home Care’s COO Shares Insight on Franchise’s Future

Griswold Home Care’s COO offers Insight on Franchising Future

In a question-and-answer session with HomeCare Magazine, the leading business magazine for home health professionals in the home health agency and caregiver markets, Mike Magid was able to shine some light on what you can expect from Griswold Home Care in the future. Serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Griswold Home Care for over the past five years, Mike has been an integral component of Griswold’s franchise development now

The Impact of COVID-19

With 2020 being such a crucial year for corporate owners and franchisees alike, HomeCare Magazine dove into how COVID-19 affected Griswold Home Care and its market. Mike shared, “If you look at franchise development, the area of franchising that grows your footprint, the pandemic has had a very positive impact. There's a lot of people that have been displaced from jobs—with the requisite skill sets and money—who are looking at franchising as a way of getting more control of their future.”

Every day, both entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners are continuing to turn to the franchise model as a way to make their own success and build the lifestyle they want, regardless of the industry they find themselves in. “COVID had an impact in the early months of the virus, specifically March and April of 2020 before our company began to see a rebound.” Mike went on to share, “We are in an essential industry, and, once things settled, service hours returned.”

Despite the pandemic, business continued to grow as Mike highlighted an influx of at-home care inquires they received from families looking to take their loved ones out of large caregiving facilities and setting them up with at-home care. This helped our clients, and as well as their families, feel safe and have more control despite the future being unknown.

The Ease of Franchising with Griswold

Compared to the traditional home care business model, franchising offers access to proven blueprints, models, and processes that has helped hundreds of Griswold owners. Mike shared, “Franchising is designed to provide you subject matter experts in all areas of the business. You don't need to go outside of the franchise and hire experts. The royalties you pay your franchisor go towards providing the support in all the areas of the business model. This is a major advantage of the franchising model that allows you to remain in control of how you operate your business prior to joining that franchise company.” Every step of the way, owners have support and access to professionals in all sorts of areas of expertise, from business growth to marketing and so much more.

2021 and Beyond for Griswold Home Care

As pandemic restrictions continue to be lifted nationally, Mike and the rest of our team are excited to return to normal, offering the same personal and compassionate care we’ve always been known for. “We want to get to a post-COVID world where we can be face-to-face and we can engage on a meaningful, personal level. We want to continue to expand our umbrella approach to integrated care. That's something that is really important to us.”

What’s really going to make the difference for Griswold Home Care in 2021 is our approach to offering cognition programs. “It's the most important differentiation we have in 2021 and beyond. It's a client-centric approach that helps bring families out of denial for clients who have not had a clinical diagnosis of the brain and is the only program of its kind being offered in our industry.” Mike goes on to state, “Many companies talk about their Alzheimer’s or dementia programs, but what we have learned is that everybody focuses on the training and education side of the diseases for their caregivers. Companies implement a very caregiver-centric approach—train them, educate them on the diseases and put them in the home better prepared to do their job and handle client issues associated with the brain diseases. Our program is different.”

Of course, all of our owners and their staff will stive received the education and training they normally get, but with a focus on the success of a client-caregiver relationship. “It is just as important to understand the client cognition challenges when you are dealing with a high amount of cases where no clinical diagnosis exists. That is the value of our client-centric approach, working with the families to determine what the best version of that day looks like for their loved one every single day. So, we solve for outcomes; we don't simply sell services.” This provides our owners with a competitive edge, allowing them to expand their services and provide better solutions for their communities, clients, and their families.

Ready to Make a Difference?

If you’re ready to learn more about how Griswold is continuing to redefine what the industry standard for care is or join our team by opening up a home care franchise location in your community, be sure to give our team a call. As more opportunities become prevalent in 2021 beyond, there has never been a better time to take advantage of our home care franchising opportunities.

If you’re looking for more information, or simply have questions, give our team a call today at (877) 959-5868 or contact us online to start making a difference in your community.

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