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Caregiver Isolation: Causes & Cures

No one should have to choose between looking after their loved ones and living a full life. However, the sad truth is that caregiver isolation is real, and it can be a real challenge to escape from. This article from live-in companion care provider Griswold Home Care of Hilton Head aims to help combat caregiver isolation by identifying the causes and suggesting ways to avoid or alleviate it.

Leading Causes of Caregiver Isolation

If you used to live an active, highly social lifestyle before taking on the responsibility of caring for a loved one, chances are you’ll go through withdrawal from your previous routine. When you’ve gotten used to an active life, the relative quiet of caregiving can be depressing. 

In addition, caregiving is physically tiring, so free time isn’t always a guarantee that you’ll be able to leave to do many of the activities you enjoy. If you’re currently not enlisting the help of another relative or private personal caregiver, caregiving can be very isolating due to the multiple strains it puts on your relationships and sense of self.

The Silver Lining

These challenges may make caregiving seem bleak, but don’t lose heart. You can find relief and reclaim much-needed time for yourself by seeking help from friends and family. Maintain regular contact with the outside world and be careful not to sever ties with friends. Messaging apps and social platforms can help you feel connected. Ask a trusted relative to relieve you of your caregiving duties at least once a week. If no one is available, consider professional respite care.

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