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A Basic Guide for Senior Fitness

Exercising and maintaining physical fitness should be a goal for everyone, including older adults. However, it can be a challenge to find a workout regimen that addresses specific age-related issues, especially if you have no idea where to start.

Live-in senior care agency Griswold Home Care of Hilton Head shares how you can build a balanced exercise plan tailor-made for active seniors.

Turn Exercise Into Leisure

If you aren’t a fan of traditional exercises such as sit-ups and jumping jacks, try finding your groove with other physical activities that don’t feel like a workout. A good example is going on a nature walk or a hike. Even a leisurely stroll or window shopping around a mall counts as exercise—anything that gets you moving! It often helps to couple your exercise with a mode of entertainment, like power-walking to music or watching your favorite show while on the treadmill.

Mixing It Up

Exercising isn’t just about building muscle mass. Doctors, caregivers, and providers of in-home personal care services encourage building up resistance, balance, endurance, and flexibility among older adults, especially since it’s common for people to become sedentary as they age.

Keep It Fun

If going to the gym intimidates you, there are other fitness programs you can try. Water aerobics or water sports can help you stay fit without putting extra strain on your joints. Yoga is another good alternative. Take up yoga or dance classes if you want to improve your flexibility and balance. You can also ask your community center or local YMCA about tai chi or pilates groups you can join to work on your balance and strength.

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