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What is Home Health Care

Home health care is medical care provided in an individual’s home. This type of care is administered by skilled professionals qualified to provide medical services. Griswold Home Care is not home health care. Griswold refers caregivers into the home to provide non-medical home care services such as assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) and other common caregiver services. Non-medical home care can supplement medical care.

Home Health Care vs. Non-Medical Home Care Services

Choosing the right caregiver team to look after an older loved one can be a difficult, yet important decision. Studies have proven that aging in place — giving an older adult the opportunity to continue to live in their own home among familiar surroundings as they age — has a positive effect on seniors.


One of the deciding factors in finding the right caregiver involves whether or not your older loved one requires home health services or non-medical home care. Griswold Home Care, a trusted non-medical home care company that refers non-medical caregivers to families with older loved ones in need of assistance, can help you compare these services and make the best choice possible for your family.

What's the difference?

It can be easy to confuse non-medical home care with in-home health care. However, there is a big difference. Home health care agencies refer to medical related home care, while home care is specifically non-medical in nature.


In-home health care providers can refer caregivers who have a background in home health nursing, such as an RN or LPN who is skilled at working with older adults in a home environment. In-home health care can also encompass home health aides and therapists who make house calls, caring for an adult at their home and administering therapy to them rather than having them travel to a care facility or physical therapist’s office.


Non-medical home care can be helpful to older adults who may have difficulty doing some of the things they used to do when they were younger, who need assistance with household chores, or who would benefit from companionship.

Who Pays for Home Health Care? What About Non-Medical Care?

Many in-home health care services are covered by Medicaid. However, Medicaid only covers in-home medical care for a specific window of time — and only if it’s part of a doctor-prescribed course of treatment.


Non-medical in-home care is usually not covered under Medicaid, however, it is generally less expensive than home health care. Similarly, if your loved one does not have a medical condition that requires home health care, non-medical in-home care can give them the help they need while maintaining their independence.

How Can Non-Medical Home Care Compliment Home Health Care? Let’s Compare!

Non-medical home care can supplement home health care. Programs such as Medicaid may only cover a certain amount of home health care as recommended by a doctor. Certain facets of this care — such as physical therapy — may be covered, but home health care services are not unlimited. Medicare will not pay for round-the-clock home health care that may be required for someone recovering from an illness. It also will not cover personal care services, such as helping your loved one bathe or dress themselves, or driving them to doctor’s appointments when unable to.


Non-medical home care provides families and their loved ones with an added layer of support. Griswold Home Care refers compassionate caregivers who can be there for your loved one when you’re not able to assist. From personal care services such as helping them get dressed or brush their hair, preparing meals for your loved one, or helping them to run errands, the caregivers we refer can be an affordable option in helping your loved one stay independent at home. The caregivers we refer can also be a reliable, dependable part of your home care team if you need a supplement to home health care services that aren’t covered by a qualified Medicaid program.

Give us a call today so we can help you decide the best option for you and your loved one.

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