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Posts from 2020

  • What Types of Help Will Your Senior with Cancer Need? It can be stressful taking care of an elderly loved one who has cancer. This is especially true if you are trying to do it on your own. Perhaps, you have already noticed that it would be easier if you had an extra pair of hands. Did you know that home care providers can ... Continue Reading
  • Managing Incontinence When Your Senior Has Dementia It’s difficult dealing with something like incontinence, but when you factor in other health issues, like dementia, everything gets that much more difficult to manage. Depending on the severity of your senior’s dementia, you both may be getting frustrated with the things you ... Continue Reading
  • How to Help Your Elderly Loved One Get the Best Sleep As your loved one ages, they are likely to experience some sleep issues. Your elderly loved one might sleep fewer hours, go to sleep earlier than they used to, not be able to fall asleep well, or experience other sleep issues. It is important to know that many senior ... Continue Reading
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