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Five Big Signs That Your Senior’s Driving Is Getting Dangerous

Senior woman drivingWhen your senior is having trouble driving, that makes driving much more dangerous for her and for the people around her. There are a lot of different factors you can look at to see whether driving may be getting more difficult for your senior than it should be.

Traffic Signals and Signs Get Ignored

Traffic signs and signals are vitally important for keeping your senior safe as a driver. They’re equally important for the safety of other people on the road. If your elderly family member is treating these as a hint or as something to be ignored, that’s a huge problem all the way around.

Lane Drifting Is a Problem

If your senior is having a tough time staying in her own lane, that’s another big problem. That means that your elderly family member doesn’t have the control over her vehicle that she needs to have. This is an even bigger issue if your elderly family member doesn’t realize that she’s drifting into other lanes.

She’s Ignoring Other Traffic

Other traffic matters a lot when you’re driving. Defensive driving means that you’re aware of what’s going on around your vehicle and you’re prepared to take action to avoid an accident. If your elderly family member is ignoring the other traffic around her, that’s very problematic because it means that she may not be able to avoid collisions.

Knowing When to Stop or Slow Down Seems to Be a Problem

Regulating her speed and staying in her own lane are both important factors in driving, but it’s also important that your elderly family member knows when she should be slowing down or stopping. If those parts of driving are sneaking up on your senior more often, she’s much more at risk of being in an accident.

Driving Makes Her Nervous

Does your senior tell you how she feels about driving? If she’s nervous or upset about driving, that might be something that she needs to factor into whether it’s time for her to step away from driving or not. Being a nervous driver can cause her to make mistakes, and that’s dangerous.

The big thing to remember when you and your senior discuss driving is that your senior needs to have other options besides driving herself. Home care providers are an excellent solution and can make sure that your senior is safe while still going where she needs and wants to go.

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