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What Are the Best Home Care Services for a Parent Who Needs Dialysis?

Chronic kidney disease affects about 14 percent of the U.S. population. It's often a result of high blood pressure or unmanaged diabetes. In the early stages, there may not be any warning signs. If your mom or dad has kidney disease, hemodialysis treatments remove waste products from the blood as the kidneys can't do it on their own.

If your parent is undergoing dialysis treatments, they're going to need support. Here are the different home care services to arrange to ensure they have the help they need.

Medication Reminders

Your mom or dad will have prescription medications to take each day. This can include blood pressure medications and diuretics. With both of these medications, there will be dietary guidelines to meet, such as a low-sodium diet.

If your parent is likely to forget, caregivers need to be on-hand for medication reminders. Your parent needs to have a reminder when it's time to take a pill and whether it's taken with a full glass of water or just a few sips.

Caregivers can also be on-hand in case side effects like dizziness occur. Rather than having your mom or dad become dizzy and fall, a caregiver could be available to lean on when walking to another room or going up or down the stairs.

Meal Preparation

Dietary changes are important. Your mom or dad needs to be very proactive about reading labels and checking sodium levels in the foods they buy. They need to make a lot of their foods from scratch and limit the amount of sodium in those meals.

If they don't like to cook or have a hard time reading fine print, caregivers are useful. Caregivers can join them on grocery shopping trips and read labels for them. They can help your parents cook low-sodium meals each day.


Hemodialysis treatments may be completed in your parent's house with a home health care aide who is trained to perform the dialysis tasks. Your parent's doctor may train you or another family member to do them for your mom or dad, but you'd have to be comfortable with the training. Plus, you'd have to be available each day or two.

Some people in need of dialysis go to a dialysis center or hospital for treatment. Your mom or dad may need as many as four treatments a week, and each one can take a few hours. They'll need someone to drive them there and pick them up. Caregivers can help with that.

How do you schedule caregivers for your mom or dad? Call a home care agency and ask to speak to a specialist. That advisor will ask questions and help you determine the best home care services for your parents.


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