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How to Safely Help Your Senior Use the Facilities

Senior womanKeeping your senior safe in the bathroom may mean that you need to make trips to the loo with her. She may only need help standing and sitting, but it’s important that you know how to properly assist with those actions so that neither of you get injured.

Your Senior Needs to Do Most of the Work

You’re there to offer support for your senior. You can’t be doing the majority of the work, because that’s going to put you off balance and possibly increase the risk that both you and your senior fall. That’s something you want to avoid. So, let her do most of the work. Remember that you’re there for support and assistance.

Be Careful Where You Hold Her

Grabbing your senior’s arms or legs while she’s trying to maintain her balance can actually backfire a bit. She may still lose her balance and your impulse will be to hold onto her extremity more firmly, which can cause a wrenching injury. It’s much better for her to have her hands free, either to grab you, grab bars, or take care of clothing and other concerns. If she does need you to stabilize her, you should hold her around her trunk.

You’re Not Supposed to Do Any Lifting

Remember that you’re not supposed to be doing any lifting. So, any motions you’re making are simply to support your elderly family member and to make sure that she’s secure. If you do find that you’re actively lifting or moving your senior, stop for a moment and let her take over the action again.

Keep Your Body Braced and Ready

Throughout the process, keep your feet about shoulder-width apart. You’re going to want to brace your body, so slightly bend your knees and keep yourself ready to move in whichever direction your senior needs you to move. You need to be well balanced so that you can support your elderly family member, so avoid leaning one way or another. If you do have to move, move your feet as well so that you have a stable foundation.

It’s better to bring in help if you need it than to put both yourself and your senior in a dangerous situation. Home care providers can easily help your elderly family member to be safe in the bathroom and in other rooms of the house. They can also help her with a variety of other tasks, too.

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