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Four Things to Try When You Hate Exercising

Group of young womenLots of people hate to exercise, but if you’re a caregiver, exercise needs to become a bigger part of your life. It helps with stress relief, it helps you to be physically stronger, and it helps you to be as healthy as you can for your senior.

Whenever You Have a Spare Second, Stretch

Stretching is helpful for your muscles and it counts as moving a little more. When you take the time to stretch, it limbers up your muscles and warms them, especially if you’re planning to do something even more active. If you’re waiting for something, like your coffee to brew or for someone to answer the phone, take a second and stretch a part of your body. You may start to find that aches and pains are a little less achy after a few days of doing this.

Walking in Place Gets the Blood Flowing

Going for a walk around the block or a hike at the local nature preserve may not be feasible, but you can always walk. Walking in place is a simple way to get your heart rate up and to get some cardio exercise in. You’re not going to be covering any major distance, of course, but you’re going to slowly see improvements in your ability to keep going. Even if you only spent five minutes each hour walking in place, you’ll have gained quite a bit of time spent actively moving.

Use Music to Your Advantage

Music motivates a lot of people and if you’re not incorporating music into your attempts at exercising, you might want to reconsider. Find music that makes you want to move and get it playing. Having a sudden dance party in the afternoon can be a lot of fun and it also gets you moving in ways that are playful, rather than solely athletic. Music can do the same thing for you if you’re determined to walk on a treadmill, though. Find the music that works for you.

Find a Purpose to Match with the Movement

Some people find moving more easier when there’s a purpose behind those movements. So walking to the store to pick up a few things or riding a bike to a destination that’s a little farther might be more your speed. Figure out what purposes you can connect to extra movement in your life.

It’s worth taking the time to figure out what works for you in terms of getting more actual movement into your life, even if you’re not calling it exercise.

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