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What Are the Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors?

Senior adultsWhen you think about yoga, you think of bending in unusual positions or sitting with your feet on top of your thighs. Chair yoga involves the benefits of yoga but from a safe, seated position that suits older adults with balance or mobility issues.

Chair yoga is a safe way to tone muscles while incorporating relaxation techniques. Here are the benefits older adults enjoy when they participate in a chair yoga class or video session. As with any exercise program, your senior loved one should consult with their doctor before beginning to ensure their safety.

Strengthens Muscles

Chair exercises help strengthen and tone muscles. The exercises don’t have to be hard and exhausting. Instead, repetition helps tone those muscles over time. As stamina increases, longer chair yoga sessions take place. With stronger muscles, balance improves and your parents can stand and walk around for a longer amount of time.

Builds Flexibility

Being able to turn the neck, twist the torso, stretch, and reach is important. To stay flexible, it’s important to keep flexing muscles, twisting, stretching, and reaching. Chair yoga helps keep those muscles and joints limber and flexible.

Lowers Stress

Yoga helps with relaxation by getting you to focus on your breathing. Deep breathing boosts chemicals that help your body relax and increase blood chemicals that make you feel happy and calm. If you’re relaxed, you’re going to reduce stress.

Improves Sleep

That reduction of stress is very important when it comes to sleep cycles. If you’re trying to go to sleep, a billion thoughts that go rushing through your head can be disrupting to the sleep cycles. The tension in the muscles makes it hard to relax and fall into a deep sleep.

Chair yoga helps relax the mind and body. That helps the body prepare for a full, restful sleep. Ideally, your mom and dad should do the chair yoga at a specific time of day and get into a regular routine.

Helps With Balance

One thing that chair yoga can do that other fitness programs don’t is to teach you awareness. If you’re aware of your body’s position within its environment, that can help prevent a fall. How does it do this? By knowing the body’s position within an environment, it helps boost coordination through a reflex action.

You probably know of reflex reactions. Over time, the reflexes may slow down. If you step on a rock that starts to tip, it’s a reflex response to adjust the body as a counterweight to avoid the fall. Aging can change reflex reactions, but chair yoga can help with the motor neurons’ response regarding balance and posture.

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