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Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Made You a Sudden Caregiver?

Cooking dinnerIt’s possible that because of the coronavirus pandemic you’re suddenly doing a lot more to help manage your senior’s daily life. That means you’ve quickly become a caregiver when you maybe didn’t expect to do that for a few more years.

You Might Have to Play a Lot by Ear

There’s a lot right now that is uncertain, to say the very least. Your desire to do all of this caregiving stuff exactly right is admirable, but unnecessary. You’re going to be playing a lot of what happens by ear and you’re also going to need to let go of any urges to be perfect at caregiving. This isn’t a perfect situation and there’s no way to make it one.

Reach out for Some Help

It’s very possible that you need to reach out for some help right now, especially if you’re not self-quarantining with your senior. Because of specific needs that may be more difficult for her to meet on her own right now, senior care providers might be the best answer. They can help you to solve situations that might feel insurmountable to you right now because they have experience with helping older adults.

Try to Keep Your Attitude Positive

This is a tough time for everybody. Your life may not bear even a passing resemblance to what it looks like when things are “normal,” and that takes a toll. You can, however, try to do things that help you to stay as positive as possible. This might involve limiting your intake of news and focusing on activities that bring you joy as much as you can right now.

Remember to Take Care of Your Health

It’s also really important right now to do everything that you can to take care of your physical health. Eat healthy meals, get some exercise in, and make sure you’re sleeping as well as possible. Touch base with your senior about these things, too. Find out what she’s eating and whether you can help her to get healthy food choices into her home so she can easily eat nutritious meals right now. Boosting her immune system happens from within.

When the coronavirus pandemic lessens, you may find that your duties as a caregiver also lessen quite a bit. But this is an opportunity for you to get a taste of that experience and put plans and solutions in place now that can help you and your senior later.

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