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What Can You Do to Help Your Senior to Stay Mobile With Dementia?

Senior being helped by young womanIf your elderly family member has dementia, it’s important for her to stay as mobile as possible for as long as possible. Your senior can absolutely do this, but she’s going to need some extra help from you in order to meet that goal.

Make Sure Her Favorite Seat Is a Comfortable, Supportive One

If your senior’s chair is a cushy one that is difficult for her to get out of, she is far more likely to stay in it rather than trying to get out. The problem with this is that she will eventually lose muscle tone, making it even more difficult for her to get around safely and easily. The alternative is to choose a seating option for your elderly family member that is comfortable but also firm enough to support her as she’s trying to stand.

Look into Assistive Devices that Can Stabilize Her

Assistive devices are another must-have item. Canes, grab bars, and even walkers can all keep your elderly family member up and moving far longer than she might have without the tools. Working with a physical or occupational therapist is a great way to help your elderly family member to master these tools quickly and safely.

Learn How to Assist Your Senior Yourself

Your senior may still need support in order to remain mobile. You can do this for her, but if you don’t do so properly, you run the risk of injuring yourself. Home care providers can show you how to safely assist your senior so that neither of you injure yourselves. They can also be there for your senior when you’re not able to be there with her. This can be a key factor in you finally taking the respite time that you need.

Consider Trying Chair-based Exercises

Exercise is going to be another key part of helping your elderly family member to maintain her mobility. It might be difficult to get her up and moving in a big way, though. Chair exercises are another option. Your elderly family member can do them in her favorite chair and build up some of the muscles that she needs in order to safely navigate in her home and elsewhere. Always consult with your senior’s doctor before trying any new exercise.

Keeping your senior mobile is a big part of helping her to stay healthy both mentally and physically. Even if your elderly family member doesn’t seem to notice much, if she loses her mobility that’s going to be emotionally difficult for her. A home care provider can help your senior stay physically active

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