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Senior Care in St. Augustine FL

Why Should Your Senior Take a Senior Driving Course?

Safe driving courses are always a good idea for drivers, but there are ones designed specifically for aging adults to brush up their driving skills. Your senior can benefit in some really big ways from taking one of these classes, but she might be reluctant to commit to taking one. Being able to share the benefits with her can help to sway her opinion.

She Could Save Some Money on Her Car Insurance

One huge benefit of taking a senior driving course is that most insurance companies offer a discount on premiums for completing the training. Your elderly family member’s insurance company may require her to take a specific course, so it’s important to check with them first if she’s hoping to get that discount. Many courses are offered online, so they’re easy to access.

She Can Get Tips for Safer Driving

Throughout the course, your elderly family member is going to get tips for driving more safely as an older driver. There are specific challenges and limitations that older drivers face, and courses geared toward seniors help to address those issues. As much as your senior might be frustrated by this idea, it’s still helpful for her to learn as much as possible about being safe behind the wheel.

She Gets a Refresher on Laws and Skills

Over time, driving laws and accepted driving practices change. That’s something that can happen so gradually that your elderly family member may not realize exactly what all has changed since she last checked in with those changes. A driving course geared toward older adults understands that and offers information that helps her to catch up with what’s changed and what she needs to pay attention to behind the wheel.

She May Learn More about How Her Car Keeps Her Safe

There might be some features in your senior’s car that she doesn’t fully appreciate. Driving courses for aging adults go through all of those features and describes how they work and how to use them. This can be invaluable information for your senior to have and she may develop a whole new appreciation for the safety features in her car.

Your senior may also realize while taking a senior driving course that there are circumstances in which she is better off not driving. This can help her to be more open to the idea of letting senior care providers drive during those times or transition out of driving altogether.

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