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Elderly Care in Jacksonville FL

Managing Incontinence When Your Senior Has Dementia

It’s difficult dealing with something like incontinence, but when you factor in other health issues, like dementia, everything gets that much more difficult to manage. Depending on the severity of your senior’s dementia, you both may be getting frustrated with the things you can’t control. These ideas can help.

Make Sure She’s Drinking Plenty of Water

Lots of people who deal with incontinence try to limit their beverage intake, especially of water, out of fear that more water will create greater issues with incontinence. This isn’t true, and it can cause serious health issues for your senior if this is what she’s doing. She needs to be drinking plenty of water to keep her healthy, but she might want to curtail her intake a couple of hours before bed if nighttime bathroom visits are difficult.

Learn Your Senior’s Triggers

Many people with incontinence deal with triggering foods and beverages. For example, spicy foods or carbonated beverages could each be a trigger. Keeping a food diary and tracking incontinence symptoms can help you and your senior to figure out her triggers. If you’re not with her as often as you like, you may want to consider hiring elderly care providers to help with tasks like this. They can help to make sure your senior is tracking accurate information.

Set up a Bathroom Schedule

Regular bathroom breaks can be incredibly helpful with incontinence. They help your elderly family member’s body to get accustomed to a routine and they also ensure that she’s getting to the bathroom regularly to empty her bladder. Using alarms and reminders can help to automate this so it’s not as difficult to manage. This is something else that elderly care providers can help with, too.

Pack a Bag for Visits Out and About

When your aging family member is planning to be out and about, it helps to have everything that she needs. Make sure to put a bag together that contains her emergency incontinence supplies, spare clothing, and anything else that she might need to deal with an accident. Having everything on hand can reduce a great deal of anxiety for your senior.

Remember to hold onto your patience for your senior’s sake. This is likely not an easy situation for either of you and it can be incredibly embarrassing as well. Get help when you need it so that both you and your senior are supported during this difficult time.

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