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Posts from 2021

  • How Can Drinking Milk Regularly Help Your Elderly Loved One? Many people don’t realize the importance of drinking milk regularly. Yes, most people do know that it can make their bones stronger. However, milk can provide many more benefits than just stronger bones. If you are helping to care for your elderly loved one, learning more ... Continue Reading
  • Why Is it Sometimes Difficult to Determine if Your Senior Needs a Caregiver? Caring for an aging family member means that there are times that you might need to make some difficult decisions. At some point it may even be necessary to talk about things like bringing in extra assistance to give her a helping hand. But it might be a difficult decision, ... Continue Reading
  • Could a Sense of Purpose Keep Your Dad More Active? Since retirement, your dad's hobbies and activities have continued to decline. He used to head out to the golf course at least once per week, but it's been months since he's gone. He sits at home and watches TV all day. His doctor said he needs to exercise to help improve ... Continue Reading
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