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What Can Your Senior Do about Arthritis Pain?

Every person experiences arthritis differently, of course, and that also means that different solutions are helpful for some people. Unfortunately, that means your elderly family member is going to have to go through a lot of trial and error as she learns what works for her arthritis pain. Some of these ideas might be helpful for her.

Increase Physical Activity

For some people with arthritis, increasing their physical activity levels can help quite a bit with arthritis pain. You’ll want to check with your senior’s doctor before trying this, especially if she’s got some strenuous ideas. Swimming might be helpful, or even just walking around the neighborhood.

Try Physical Therapy

In some cases, it’s not enough to just move more, or just moving more isn’t as easy as it sounds. Physical therapy might be a better idea. Physical therapists can put together a personalized plan for your elderly family member, so that she’s able to do the movements that most benefit her.

Adjust Her Diet

What your senior eats always matters, and that’s especially true with pain and inflammation. If she’s eating more processed foods and less whole foods, she might not be getting all the nutrients that her body needs. Making the switch to a healthier diet can feel more complicated than it really is. The key is making those changes gradually.

Use Hot and Cold Therapies

Alternating cold and hot therapies might also be helpful for your senior. That can mean using heating pads, hot baths, or hot showers as well as cold packs and cool baths and showers. Your senior’s doctor can help her to find a combination that works best for her.

Rest When She’s Having a Bad Day

The most important thing might be for your elderly family member to take it easy when she’s having a particularly tough day. This isn’t always easy, but with the help of personal care at home your senior may be more willing to listen to what her body needs. Personal care at home can help your elderly family member to get done all that needs to get done without overtaxing herself in the process.

Many aging adults find that arthritis pain grows worse over time, and if that’s the case for your senior she may have found solutions in the past that worked. Those solutions might not work as well now, especially if her joints are more damaged. Talk with her doctor about what else she might be able to try.

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