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Elderly Care in Jacksonville FL

Are You Sure it’s Dementia?

Dementia is a scary topic for seniors and for family caregivers. If your elderly family member is worried that she might be dealing with dementia, it’s important to get a diagnosis right away. Research and treatments have come a long way and your senior’s situation may not be as dire as she fears. But the other reason to get a diagnosis right away is that it might not be dementia at all.

Side Effects from Medications

All medications have side effects and that’s an accepted risk when taking medications. But not all medications have the same impact on every single person. Your senior may also be taking more than a few medications, which can start to combine in unique ways. Sometimes these side effects can appear as confusion or other symptoms that look like dementia.

Urinary Tract Infections

As people get older, common illnesses like bladder infections present much differently. Your aging family member might not experience pain while urinating, for example, but she may start to appear confused or agitated. These symptoms get much worse as the UTI gets worse.


Depression causes a wide range of symptoms that the medical community is still studying. Some of the symptoms that seem less common but are actually very common include fatigue, memory issues, and confused behaviors. All of that can readily be mistaken for dementia, especially if your senior doesn’t believe she’s really dealing with full-on depression.

Vitamin Deficiencies

Too many aging adults have haphazard eating habits, which can lead to vitamin deficiencies. Sometimes the symptoms for these deficiencies can look a lot like dementia. Your senior’s doctor can run blood tests to verify these deficiencies. One solution for meals could be hiring elderly care providers to help with meal preparation, which can help your senior to get back on track nutritionally.

Other Health Issues

If your elderly family member has fallen recently and injured her head or been in the hospital, especially for surgery, then she might experience situations that appear very similar to dementia. There may be other health issues that cause your senior to respond in the same way.

Your elderly family member might be nervous about mentioning any symptoms like confusion or memory loss, simply because of the fear that she might be dealing with a form of dementia. But it’s important to talk to her doctor right away, because she may be dealing with something that is fully treatable.

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