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Senior Care in Ponte Vedra FL

Five Changes Your Senior Can Make if She’s Not Feeling So Great

Everybody feels run down once in a while, but if this is happening for your senior she may find that her quality of life is a lot lower than she wants it to be. These are just a few ideas that might help her to determine what’s happening.

Talk to Her Doctor

Any time that your elderly family member starts to feel different than usual, that’s a sign that she’s got something else going on. It’s always good to loop her doctor in and determine if this is a new health issue or one that is becoming worse. Once you rule out medical causes, you can look at other ways to tweak her daily routines and life to help her to feel better.

Keep a Food Diary

There’s a lot of advice out there about how food really impacts overall health, and it’s pretty accurate. If your elderly family member has been haphazard about what she eats, she might want to take a closer look. This isn’t about changing anything just yet. It often helps to get a big picture view of what her eating habits are now to see if there is room for even considering changes. Senior care providers can help your elderly parent ensure that they are getting proper nutrition through healthy meals and snacks.

Get More Physically Active

If your senior’s doctor is okay with her becoming more physically active, that’s great. She should start out gently, with an exercise plan that lets her ease into getting active. Finding activities that she loves helps a lot, because that means that she’s going to be more likely to stick with this new habit. The more consistent that she is, the easier exercise will become. A senior care provider can help your senior get regular exercise in a safely.

Track Her Sleep

Sleep is just as important as food for your senior’s energy levels. If she’s having a hard time sleeping or her sleep quality just doesn’t seem great, there might be changes that she can make there, too. Wearing a sleep tracker for a few nights can help her to see patterns in her sleeping and waking times.

See What Tasks She Can Delegate

Another reason your elderly family member might not be feeling her best is if she’s overwhelmed by trying to do everything on her own. That’s more impactful than she might realize. Sit down with your senior and talk about what she might be able to delegate to senior care providers. That can help her to conserve some of her energy for activities that she really wants or needs to do.

Assuming your elderly family member isn’t battling a significant health issue, she may find that it’s easier than she expects to start feeling her best again.

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